=OF= ET Server Rules



First and Foremost

This is a game where us Old Farts come to blow off steam and have fun.  If you ruin the fun, you will hear about it. If you are asked to back off by an admin, do it.  Your stats aren't important here.


Use of Bots/Hacks

Our policy for the use of bots and hacks on our server is ZERO TOLERANCE. If you are caught, you will immediately be banned. Appeals are not accepted for this violation. If you are banned and change et keys or ip's to come back on our server and caught, you'll be banned again, even if you aren't doing it any longer. Remember on this rule there is NO tolerance and NO forgiveness.


Spawn Killing

No Heavy Weapons are to be fired into or out of any permanent spawn. This means no Panzers, Flamethrowers, mortars, mgs, airstrikes, or artillery calls in a permanent spawn. Splash Damage is not allowed, if you arty, airstrike, or mortar falls into a spawn, you will be warned and/or kicked or banned from our server. Capturable spawns are now fair game. Your spawn is where you spawn, there are no other safe areas.


Spawn Camping

You can kill in spawn with small arms, but constant running to spawn and taking the cheap easy kill is not allowed.



Ramboing is defined as running off alone, or even with another medic, and no other teammates around.  Protecting/going for the objective is not an excuse. Your teammates need you to heal them and you can't do that off alone... and 2 medics off together are 2 medics not helping their team.


Ramboing is against our sever rules. If you do not wish to be a team player and help the team going for or defending the objective, don't take up one of our limited medic spots. If you want to be off alone somewhere, be a soldier or something.

Trick Jumping

Trick jumping is NOT allowed on the OF server.


Easter Eggs

Use of the easter eggs in NOT allowed on the OF server.


Stacking (players climbing on top of one another to reach and objective)

Two player stacks to reach objectives are allowed on the =OF= Servers, player stacking of more than two players IS NOT allowed


Team Stacking

Stacking a team with all the better players just to "own" the other team is NOT allowed. I realize this happens without it being intentional on occasions and it's up to our ref's to remedy this by shuffling or moving players. However if someone goes "spec" after a shuffle or being moved cause they don't want to play on the other team or to wait till they can get back on the same team is considered "intentionally" stacking and will result in a warn, boot or ban. If you are shuffled, balanced or moved to another team, stay on the team you are put on or leave the server until a new map comes up. If you make a habit of leaving when you are shuffled, balanced or moved, our refs will eventually notice and you probably will be asked (or forced) to find another server to frag on.


We also expect help from our non ref =OF='s and regs with this. If you are on a stacked team, move if you can or bring it to the attention of one of our refs.


Putting all OF's on one team is not considered team stacking because we suck so bad, lol. In all seriousness this is fun, but ask permission of the other players before doing this because we want to refrain from it looking like we are stacking the teams.


Game Glitches/Exploits

Taking advantage of glitches in the game that are not intended to be part of the game (i.e. shooting thru the floor in the Health and Ammo hut on Saber Peak) is illegal on the OF server.

Stealing XP

Stealing XP is unacceptable on the OF Server. Some examples of this would be:

  1. Defusing another team mates dyno so you can plant your own and get credit for blowing an objective.
  2. Disarming anothers landmine so you can plant in the same place.
  3. Pushing off a team mate constructing so you can construct and get the xp (Helping construct is ok)
  4. Shooting a team mate who has plenty of health so you can revive them for xp (Shooting a team mate who is almost dead because it will be quicker to revive him than fill him with health packs is ok, as long as that team mate doesn't mind)
  5. Pushing off a covie so you can steal the uniform first when he is already in the process of stealing the uniform.

These examples are not all inclusive, but you get the idea.


Newbs, Noobs and Team Play

Our server is here mainly for the enjoyment of =OF=s and for the "enjoyment of the many, not the few and certainly not the one" and based on the "average player". Our sever is here for "team play" not for individual statistics.


Newbs (those new to the game), and Noobs (those not new but who don't play very well) are WELCOME here. If playing with a newb or noob, YOU are expected to help them learn, help them get better and even help cover their ass when going for the objective. You are not expected to verbally abuse them for lack of knowledge or lack of skill. Do this and you'll find they will still be playing while you are being kicked off our server.


If you are an ET Pro caliber player, you are welcome here also, if your objective is "team play" and "team wins". If you are here just to build up your stats at the expense of the team, you are not welcome and won't last long on our server.


If you are here to be a "douche" (constant complaining, verbal abuse of other players, constant whining) then you are subject to be kicked off our server simply because you are taking away from the enjoyment of other players. If you have a complaint or suggestion, bring it here (to the forums), our refs and admins are in game to play, not to listen to you complain, which leads to one final point.


Arguing with Refs or Admins

Arguing with refs or admins in game IS NOT allowed on our server and subject to get you kicked off (even if you are right and they are wrong). If you feel one of our refs has been unfair, bring your complaint here and post it, it will be looked into. If one of our refs is found to be intentionally unfair he will be reprimanded, if not he won't and you'll be told you are wrong (so be prepared to handle that). If however, you chose to argue with or bitch at the ref in game, then don't even worry about coming here and complaining afterward.


Updated 01/18/2017